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There is some concern that the emergence of “robo-advisors” may pose a competitive disadvantage and will ultimately change the playing field for more traditional advisors as millennials in particular; will tend to choose more technology-centric services that directly connect investors with suites of analytic tools to create financial plans over traditional advisory practices.

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Be innovative and unlock your Big Data!

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The new priority in innovation for Wealth Management firms is clearly Big data analytics. In the Capital markets industry firms process and produce considerable amounts of digital data in real time on a daily basis. This creates opportunities for broker-dealers, asset managers, custodians and hedge funds.

Saturday, 04 January 2014 00:00

Leadership is a choice not a rank! Release control…

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For some in leadership, 2013 was a year when your resolve was tested. A year when you were perhaps told that your leadership approach was dysfunctional or ineffective because it did not fit the acceptable or traditional mold.

In October 2010, Microsoft shared a report called, “Millennials Need Bankers, They Just Haven’t Met You Yet.” 

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